Hellgate Finance Academy

Hellgate High School launched their Finance Academy in the 2015/16 school year. The Academy model provides hands-on, career-focused learning that connects school with the real world. Hellgate’s Academy will prepare students for careers in finance, accounting and banking, and will include internships with local businesses. Students need an anchor to make content taught in their classes more relevant. With two years of preparation and extensive collaboration, business partners and the school have worked together to present a viable, and engaging program. Teachers have been working outside the instructional day to meet with businesses, write curriculum, locate resources, attend conferences and create a steering committee. The Academy teaches job-embedded, lifelong skills, such as interacting with the public and getting along with colleagues. Even if the student doesn’t continue with the career pathway chosen, these skills are highly valuable. Business partners are very excited and are getting involved because they see the value. Community members interested in volunteering with the academy should contact the school at (406) 728-2402 or visit the Hellgate High School website.