In 2014-15, COMPASS/Gifted Education continued to grow along with MCPS’s Achievement for All Strategic Plan. As part of this effort, the District created a cadre of 22 teachers who met regularly to discuss how to best teach students identifi ed as gifted. Additionally, COMPASS partnered with the University of Montana and Region 5 Western Montana Professional Learning Collaborative (WMPLC) to coordinate a visit from gifted-education expert Dr. Jim Delisle. Dr. Delisle conducted workshops with teachers and parents and delivered a keynote address attended by 100 parents and 35 teachers.

MCPS and UM continued to collaborate during the 15-16 school year. The District’s COMPASS/ELL specialist, Shirley Lindburg, joined the University’s gifted education professor to offer a Gifted and Talented Teaching Cadre to MCPS teachers. Lindburg looks forward to continued collaborations with the University of Montana, particularly related to teacher-training. “If you provide a gifted education program once a week, you’re meeting some needs,” explained Lindburg. “But if you meet the needs in the classroom, you’re meeting them all the time. If we can support teachers in developing these skills, we can make that happen.”