South 39th Street

(south central Missoula)

Location: From 39th Street to Garland Drive (north-south) and from Russell Street to just past Orchard Avenue (east-west)

Character: Suburban

Features: Close to Carmike 6, Walmart; quick access to Hwy 93 south to the Bitterroot Valley

Public Schools: Meadow Hill Middle School

Parks: Honeysuckle, Wapikiya, Cohosset

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South 39th Street Neighborhood

Missoulians living in the South 39th Street area enjoy a well-established residential neighborhood convenient to town

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39thneighborhood_photoThe neighborhood is part of a major trail system, boasts two schools, a fire station, has several parks and is just minutes away from Missoula amenities.

“One of the strong points of the neighborhood is the central location,” said neighborhood resident Jeff Stevens.

“It’s convenient to shopping and the housing costs are reasonably affordable,” he said.

The South 39th St. Neighborhood is in the southwest part of town, generally located between Hillview Way and Gharrett Street north of South 39th Street and south of Arcadia Lane and Shadow Lane. Many of the dwellings in the neighborhood were built in the 1950s and 60s and are predominately single, split-level or two story ranch-style homes. The neighborhood also has a lot of trees and other foliage.

“People take pride in their homes and their yards. It seems like everyone is really happy to have a nice place and keep it up. It’s nice to see a neighborhood that maintains its beauty,” said neighborhood council member Cathy Deschamps.
Deschamps grew up in Missoula, and after returning from Spokane, she said she was attracted to the lot sizes in the South 39th Street neighborhood compared to some of the newer subdivisions in town.

“I was lucky and got a house that had 14 fruit trees,” Deschamps said.

When I moved here, everything was well-established. It’s mostly residential, with very little noise. It’s very peaceful,” she said.

Stevens said the neighborhood is well lit with street lamps, and the curvy nature of the roads, along with the fact that there are a lot of neighborhood cul-de-sacs, helps to calm traffic and make up for a lack of sidewalks.

The trail system is a sense of pride for many of the residents in the South 39th Street area. Neighbors enjoy spending time on these trails and in Wapikiya park.

“They provide a pleasant place for people to gather and recreate,” Stevens said.

Stevens has been involved in the neighborhood since he first moved there in 1980, first as part of the homeowners association. He also became part of the council at its inception. Stevens, Deschamps and other members of the neighborhood council have worked to improve and maintain the trail system and parks, among other projects.

Members of the neighborhood council are currently working on installing park benches on the trail, getting a pet waste station and planting more trees. They recently got a grant to decorate the traffic boxes in the neighborhood with art, similar to other projects with traffic boxes in Missoula. The neighborhood council also promotes community gardens.
Deschamps said the neighborhood council has more power in numbers, and encourages neighborhood members to get involved to help accomplish future goals.

Breeana Laughlin is a freelance writer for the Missoulian.