Ask most people who live in Missoula, and you’ll find that they love living here for all that our great city has to offer! From outdoor recreating in its many forms to great restaurants and watering holes to the friendly welcoming people, Missoula is a place people love to call home!

Renting in Missoula can sometimes be challenging for newcomers and the following is a list of tips to have a successful experience renting a home in Missoula:

  1. Be aware that our rental market is competitive, particularly between April and August. You’ll want to have your rental references and other relevant application materials organized and ready to go so that you can move forward quickly when you find a house or apartment that you wish to rent. It is not uncommon in Missoula that several individuals or groups of individuals are vying for the same rental unit at the same time. Often times, the most organized party (with respect to their application materials) is successful in securing the rental.
  2. Take the time to carefully document the condition of your rental unit before you move all of your belongings into
    the property. You won’t be able to note damage to carpet or walls after furniture is placed over floor space and pictures are hung on walls. It is well worth the time to carefully document damages as this will have a notable impact on the return of your security deposit when you move out. Landlords aim to be fair when returning security deposits, but if damages are not noted, it’s difficult for both parties to accurately recall the exact condition of a dwelling unit a year or more later.
  3. Make sure to notify your property manager of any damages or maintenance issues as soon as they occur. Most landlords wish to keep their properties in good condition and to have happy tenants! Since there are typically significant intervals between inspections of the property you are renting by your property manager, they are relying on you to communicate with them about maintenance issues so they can take care of them for you. It’s also important to know that if you do not report a maintenance issue that then causes more damage because it is not addressed (such as a water leak), you may be responsible for the additional damage. Don’t hesitate to call your property manager!
  4. Communication. In a word, this is perhaps the most important aspect of your relationship with your landlord or property manager and will determine the kind of experience you have renting in Missoula. From the beginning make sure to be honest on your application and address any issues. Communicate about the condition of the property when you move in and any issues as you are living in the property. And don’t forget to communicate in writing when you plan to move.

Enjoy Missoula!

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