Moose Can Gully

(south central Missoula)

Moose Can Gully Missoula MontanaLocation: Runs out of Moose Canyon below Mt. Dean Stone, running north to Garland Park on 23rd Avenue.

Character: Rural

Parks: Garland, Moose Can Gulley, Skyview

Public Schools: Chief Charlo Elementary

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Moose Can Gully Find community spirit in the quiet foothills

By Melissa Fisher for Real Estate Marketplace

Tucked away in Missoula’s southwest corner lies Moose Can Gully, a relaxed residential neighborhood filled with families, friends, and plenty of open space. Perched on the grassy hillside are streets filled primarily with single family homes, with a few apartment buildings scattered throughout.  The residents here enjoy a laid back atmosphere, in a safe and spacious haven with a strong sense of community.

While situated just minutes from the Missoula city core, Moose Can Gully offers a calmer, quieter, almost country-style way of life.  In every direction, residents are treated to stunning vistas of Mount Sentinel, the Bitterroot Valley or the sparkling lights of the city.  Nestled below South 39th Street between Miller Creek and the Lewis and Clark neighborhoods, Moose Can Gully is close enough to be convenient, but removed from the hustle and bustle of the busy streets.

There are nearly 100 acres of parks and open spaces scattered throughout the neighborhood, including the expansive Skyview and Garland Parks.  Wildlife often finds its way into the area – it’s not uncommon to see deer wander through the streets, raccoons hiding in the bushes, and even ducks waddling toward the irrigation canals.  Folks out for bike ride or an evening stroll will also find quite the workout, climbing the neighborhood’s substantial hills.

photo_moose_canThe people in Moose Can Gully enjoy easy access to some of Missoula’s best features. Just to the east is Pattee Canyon, the beloved 32,000-acre recreation area set in a grove of Ponderosas. To the west, drive just minutes to find the easy walking trails at Blue Mountain, or continue on down the highway to explore the majestic Bitterroot Valley.

While outdoor attractions surround the neighborhood, all the necessary conveniences are just down the street. The northern border of the neighborhood, the bustling South 39th Street, offers grocery stores, gas stations, and a variety of restaurants and retail shopping, surely providing something for everyone.

Golf enthusiasts here are spoiled by the proximity to three of Missoula’s courses – Linda Vista Public Course, Larchmont and the Missoula Country Club are all located just on the outer edges of the neighborhood, surrounding golfers with endless opportunities to hit the links.

The sense of community is strong in Moose Can Gully. Neighborhood meetings often end with nature walks and picnics.  Chief Charlo Elementary School recently held a neighborhood cleanup event, allowing a few fourth graders a chance to help keep the land looking its best. Perhaps the sense of community is the strongest here on the Fourth of July, when neighbors will often gather to enjoy their shared spectacular view of the city’s Independence Day Celebration Fireworks Display down at Southgate Mall.

On any given summer evening in Moose Can Gully, you’ll find a mix of kids outside playing ball, while neighbors walk the surrounding hills and trails, all looking happily over the city from atop their quiet hillside.

Melissa Fisher is a freelance writer for the Missoulian Advertising Department.