Missoula County Government Officials

Missoula County

200 W. Broadway, Missoula, MT 59802
www.co.missoula.mt.us; 721-5700


Jean Curtiss (D) Term Expires 1/19
(406) 258-4877

Michele Landquist (D) Term Expires 1/15
Bill Carey (D) Term Expires 1/17

Barbara Berens (D) (406) 258-3230. Term Expires 1/14

Clerk and Recorder/Treasurer

Vickie Zeier (406) 258-3234. Term Expires 1/14

Superintendent of Schoools

Erin Lipkind (D) (406) 258-3349. Term Expires 1/14

County Attorney

Fred Van Valkenburg (D) (406) 258-4737. Term Expires 1/14

County Sheriff/Coroner

Carl C. Ibsen (D) (406) 258-4810. Term Expires 1/14

Lolo Community Council

P.O. Box 1633, Lolo, MT 59847
Council Meets 2nd Tues, 7pm
Lolo Community Center
Sue Hadnot, Chair (406) 273-6979
Seeley Lake Community Council

P.O. Box 30, Seeley Lake, MT 59868
Council meets 1st Mon, 6pm, at the Historical Barn south of Seeley
Addrien Marx, Chair (406) 677-2445

Bonner Community Council

PO Box 655, Milltown, MT 59851
Meets 2nd Mon, 7pm, Bonner School Library
oriutta@gmail.com; guppieone@msn.com

Swan Valley Community Council

P.O. Box 1156,Condon, MT 59826
Meets 3rd Tues, 7pm, Swan Valley Community Center
Dwayne Forder, Chair (406) 754-2343; dwayneforder@hotmail.com
East Missoula Community Council

P.O. Box 11 Milltown, MT 59851
Meets 3rd Mon, 7pm, East Missoula Community Hall
Dick Ainsworth, Chair (406) 549-1679; gnomehome@bresnan.net