Miller Creek

(southwest Missoula)

Linda Vista Missoula MontanaLocation: West of Miller Creek Road and south of the Clark Fork River; the southern edge goes to Lower Miller Creek Road.

Character: Rural

Features: Linda Vista Golf Course

Parks: Maloney Ranch

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Missoula’s Miller Creek neighborhood

Sunny hillsides and open space attract homeowners

By Breeana Laughlin
for Real Estate Marketplace

The Miller Creek neighborhood can offer a little piece of country in Missoula’s backyard.

Residents in the southwestern corner of Missoula enjoy rolling hills and open spaces as well as more forested areas just minutes from the city, without the hustle and bustle of more urban areas.

miller_creek_photo“Overall, this was my ideal of where I wanted to live. Based on how many people live in the neighborhood, I think others feel the same,” said Miller Creek resident Glen Bumgardner.

“I think most people that come to Montana like to have something less urban and dense and not be living on top of each other,” he said.

The Miller Creek neighborhood is bounded on the east by Miller Creek Road., bounded on the north and the west by the Bitterroot River and U.S. Hwy. 93, and bounded on the south by Lower Miller Creek Road.

The ‘off-the beaten path’ neighborhood is tucked away from the busy activity off of the convergence at 39th and Reserve streets. Many homes are surrounded by acreage, and residents enjoy phenomenal views just outside their doors and windows. A lot of the houses situated on the sunny hillsides in the Miller Creek neighborhood also boast large gardens and horse pastures.

While some homes in the Miller Creek neighborhood are spread out, others are located in more suburban neighborhoods such as Linda Vista. Even in the more suburban areas of Miller Creek, most residents enjoy large back yards and share beautiful views to the south.

The peaceful neighborhood is situated adjacent to national forest land. At the bottom of the hill is Linda Vista Golf Course, which offers recreation for many Miller Creek area residents. Several parks are also scattered throughout the neighborhood, offering convenient play spots for children and families.

Bumgardner and his wife are hikers, and when they’re not venturing out into the wilderness, they stay fit by walking up and down neighborhood streets.

“When the weather is nice we take a fitness walk that is about an hour and a half,” Bumgardner said. “In this neighborhood there is no such thing as a level walk. We go on a specific route and see who is out and about,” he said.

Houses vary from state-of-the-art, large craftsman homes, to smaller homes for families. There are also a couple of apartment complexes that attract younger families and students. Each home has its own personality and no two dwellings are exactly alike.

Bumgardner enjoys the mix of homes in his neighborhood
“The neighborhood we live in is a hodgepodge. Some houses at one end I have coined the millionaire-acres and at the other end are average working class houses,” said Bumgardner.

Recently completed reconstruction projects along Upper and Lower Miller Creek Roads add to the safety and capacity for traffic flow in the neighborhood. These include a new roundabout at the intersection of Lower and Upper Miller Creek roads that replaced a one-way stop. A reduced grade of the hill that begins at Upper Miller Creek has increased safety for travelers by making it easier to slow down and come to a stop.

Breeana Laughlin is a freelance writer for the Missoulian Advertising Department.