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Although Missoula has a relatively small population and geographic footprint, significant differences in homes and lifestyle can be found as you explore each neighborhood. Whether it is access to parks and trails, living near cultural centers, or majestic views of the Rocky Mountains, there is something for everyone.

Missoula is a place that people want to live. That has translated through the recession in the fact that the housing market didn’t tumble down. The number of homes sold reached its peak in 2006 at 1,586 and fell to its lowest of 876 in 2011 – but the median price dropped by only a few thousand dollars. In 2012 we witnessed a 20% jump in the number of sales and that trend is continuing into 2013 with a hot spring market.

For those interested in either owning or renting a home, Missoula is a place that provides options for housing and the lifestyles it supports in a growing, vibrant, small city with a demographically diverse population.